About Us

Rainforest Nutritionals, Inc. (RNI) specializes in the research and development of ethnobotanicals, primarily from the Amazonian rainforests, for commercialization as dietary and nutritional supplements for health-related, condition-specific applications.

Created by medical research scientist, for the past 12 years our focus has been to discover the mechanisms of action (MOA) by which phytochemicals, natural compounds found in plants that have health-related effects, operate. By understanding the MOA, we are able to validate traditional medicines and create uniquely beneficial products.

Our research is centered on traditional medicines based upon a rich history of using a specific plant for a particular ailment for often hundreds if not thousands of years. Each of our products and sometimes our patented ingredients have gone through preclinical as well as clinical trials.

The company received an award from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) based on its work and its research is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, in the public domain, found on-line at the NIH website. We do not publish in supermarket tabloids; pay for “celebrity” endorsements or a “Scientific Advisory Board; or, post testimonials. Our work speaks for itself.

To date, our key ingredients are natural extracts: Vincaria® from Uncaria guianensis; RNI 249® from Lepidium meyenii; Zangrado® and Progrado® from the Croton species; and the latest (and much less researched) Pango™ from Calendula officinalis. We do sometimes include in our formulae a “general” ingredient that is well-published and reviewed – epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) from green tea, resveratrol found in red wine – but only in the amounts that were found to be effective in published studies.

Finally, we do not make pharmaceutical drugs – isolating a particular compound in a plant for patent. Instead, we use the plant as was the “tradition” which allows us to support the indigenous and river communities from where the knowledge was gleaned.

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