Reparagen® plus Glucosamine Convenience Program

$83.85 every 3 months

Why not try the best of both worlds? This number one seller provides the latest in clinically-validated science using patented ingredients with the celebrity of glucosamine.


Reparagen plus Glucosamine consists of two patented1,2 all natural extracts – Vincaria® and RNI 249® -in combination with the most bioavailable form of glucosamine, a building-block for healthy bones and cartilage.

In the Vincaria Unum In Dei (once-a-day) Efficacy (VUIDE) trial, over 90% of the patients taking a single 100mg daily dose of Vincaria experienced significant improvement in joint health and function in less than 5 days (as compared to placebo).3 Reparagen plus Glucosamine contains twice the effective dose.

In a study with Case Western Reserve University using human cartilage explants, the extract RNI 249 was shown to increase the cells production of IGF-1, a natural growth factor responsible for rebuilding and repairing cartilage.4,5 Reparagen plus Glucosamine contains 1,000 milligrams of RNI 249.

In the subsequent, product specific, peer-reviewed, published positive-controlled clinical trial, 93% of participants taking Reparagen experienced significant improvement in overall joint health, as measured by their physicians, and many within seven days.6

In this clinical trial, the positive control was Glucosamine sulfate. As measured by both the patients and physicians, Reparagen worked significantly better that Glucosamine sulfate. Reparagen is the only natural supplement for joint health and mobility with research supported in part from the US National Institutes of Health: The National Institute of Aging.7

National Review for Truth in Advertising
Reparagen was reviewed by the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, which monitors “truth in advertising.” NAD found that there was substantial evidence to support that Reparagen was “…a revolutionary solution, a breakthrough, all-natural treatment in joint pain that does what no other products have done before,” that it “…actually helps alleviate Arthritis symptoms and increases flexibility and mobility” and that it may help “…in as fast as 7 days.”

Reparagen is the only natural supplement for joint health and mobility with research supported in part from two US National Institutes of Health: The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disease and The National Institute of Aging (1R43AG024733-01).

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